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awards3The winners of the 2013 Western Sydney Awards for Business Excellence were announced on Tuesday the 12th of September and it is with great pleasure that I officially announce to all our friends, that among the electrifying ambiance of the night and 400 guests at a Gala dinner held at Waterview in Bicentennial Park, we were chosen as the Patrons Choice for Excellence in Small Business and one of the five High Achievers of the Western Sydney Awards for Business Excellence to receive an award.

As the announcement was made I watched the beautiful people I call my family and everything around me seem to move in slow motion. I looked at the expressions on their faces everyone at our table was just overwhelmed with such emotion, not knowing whether to clap to cheer or to cry.

I believe I am mightily blessed through the commitment, loyalty and unswerving support I have from my staff and my daughters particularly my daughter Fiorenza. I thank her with all my heart for her commitment and love. I credit our success to our team who not only work as a team but as a family.

We focus on our customers as an extension of this relationship offering quality products and service without compromise to every sector of industry large or small. Our ongoing training ensures our team gain the experience and qualifications they require, but more than this a positive mental attitude and an unshakable belief in good business ethics contributes to making our customers experience with us a binding lifetime business relationship that mirrors that of yesteryear.

Five years ago when I was in the depth of my despair, not just because of a failing business but because I lost the most dearest thing I had, my husband, and not even the time to deal with his death, I thank God, for today God has given us recognition for our effects and me a moment to grieve the man I loved so dearly in all my life.

This is a tribute to him, Terry Condon for his 58 years of service and the benchmark and legacy he left behind for us to continue.

Grace C


The Team at Amada-Amavic Pty Ltd

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