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damage-dry-land-texture-021514-tm-1338Last night Chanelle and I held hands and together with the Holy Ghost we prayed sincerely to Almighty God for our long suffering Aussie farmer as they face the difficulty of this latest and very long drought. In 1 Kings 18:41-45 Elijah prayed for rain and God answered his prayers. Can you too offer a bold prayer  for our farmers, state your case to God on behalf of our long suffering brothers and sisters in the Aussie bush, and believe  that God will break the drought and pour down sustaining rain that will rejuvenate the bush and feed the livestock and bring hope of a new beginning to our farmers. Our heart goes out to our Aussie farmers who are the back bone of this magnificent country, who endure isolation and devastation on a daily bases. But I am believing there is a new beginning on the horizon. A New breakthrough that will see the out pouring of God’s gracious hand over their lives and the restoration of what was lost. I am believing for a double portion of God’s favour that will be greeted with tears of gratitude and joy. Will you too stand and believe with me.We can all do something to assist our rural neighbours. There are many organisations out there that we can support Aussie helpers being a particular example of at great one. You can go to admin@aussiehelpers.org.au to make a donation.

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