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Hello to our followers! My name is Grace Condon and I am the director of the Amada companies. This is my first time sharing with you, and I am honoured and blessed to have such a platform and that people would take the time to log in to read what I have to give.

My daughter Joanne is my inspiration, it was her coaxing that has started this blog and I can only hope that I do both my readers and my daughter justice.

Today I would like to share something I read recently about thought:

What is a right thought? It is a thought of Love, Kindness, Dignity, Patience, Success, Harmony, and Service. You may well be thinking, what is this woman talking about? what does this have to do with business, bandages, phones, work and so on?

Well you see, thought has everything to do with every part of our lives. How we succeed, what we think about ourselves, the value we place on ourselves, the value we place on others. The recipe above of what thought is, is a movingevolvingliving energy of who we are and where we are going. The words above are all positives that manifest in us and around us the type of person we become and what we attract to ourselves. We all have the capacity to think, it’s how we think that is important, The next time we spare a thought for something, let’s make it a good one. Have a great day.

Grace C

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