My Journey To A Million Dollar Business

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photo-2My first business experience was at the age 17 years when my first husband and I bought a small cake shop in Ashfield. Armed with absolutely no business experience whatsoever, we worked long hours to just make the bills for many years. Shear persistence and hard work got us to a position where we bought the freehold and secured our livelihood from the threat of a landlord.

In 1988 I open a cake and coffee shop in Grace Bros Parramatta and ran that until 1991. When Coles Myer took over Grace Bros, they threw out all the concession holders in the store. I spent the next 2 years getting over a nervous breakdown because of it and in 1992 I started to work for St Vincent de Paul at Parramatta. In 1993 I worked for the SEE Foundation working with people with severe to profound intellectual disability.

My most rewarding work was with Ability Options from 1995 to 2005 working with people with Intellectual disabilities.

Late 2005 I started working with my husband at AMADA-AMAVIC PTY LTD as a Pharmacy Rep. In 2007 my husband became ill and I took on the running of Amada with the help of our in-house Sydney accountant and managers in Melbourne. At that time we had 35 staff and 5 warehouses. During the 2008 Global Financial Crisis my husband passed away, and under a cloud of apprehension I started to deal with irate creditors, the legalities of probate, non-existing cash flow and the threat of bankruptcy.

The next few years were some of the most difficult in my life. But with some restructuring and refinancing I managed to save Amada-Amavic and my husband’s good name and reputation. By this time I pretty much was a one woman show working from an empty office with only my laptop.

The real work and long hours started in late 2009, when we reclaimed our NSW Territory after redirecting our business to our Melbourne warehouse for nearly 18 months from late 2007.

Learning on the job took on a new meaning to me. But with the help of the Health Department in both New South Wales and Victoria, The Taxation Department, my accountant and all our suppliers, I started to absorb all the many facets of running this business.

Currently Amada-Amavic supplies Australia Wide and our customers are the real jewels of our business. My sincere gratitude goes to all those people who came into Amada either as customers, suppliers or staff. Without their support I would never have made it and above all I thank God who’s been by my side every step of the way.  

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