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Fixomull stretch is coated with a hypoallergenic polyacrylate adhesive. The backing material is made of transversely stretchable non-woven polyester. Fixomull stretch adapts well even to highly contoured parts of the body. Constriciton, congestion and distrubances of blood circulation are prevented. Fixomull stretch is very well tolerated even by patients with sensitive skin.


  • SN47272-00    FIXOMULL STRETCH Tape 5cm x 5m
  • SN70022-01    FIXOMULL STRETCH Tape 10cm x 2m   
  • SN02033-01    FIXOMULL STRETCH Tape 15cm x 2m       
  • SN02036-00    FIXOMULL STRETCH Tape 5cm x 10m       
  • SN02037-00    FIXOMULL STRETCH Tape 10cm x 10m       
  • SN02038-00    FIXOMULL STRETCH Tape 15cm x 10m       
  • SN02039-00    FIXOMULL STRETCH Tape 20cm x 10m       
  • SN02040-00    FIXOMULL STRETCH Tape 30cm x 10m    


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