Hypafix Tape Dressing Retention Sheet is a stretchable, water-resistant adhesive dressing tape used to secure IV tubes, catheters and other medical products to the skin. Hypafix Retention Sheet tape is dispensed on a cut-able roll (2 or 10 yards long) that is marked with a grid pattern backing for easy measurement cutting.

  • SN71443-00    HYPAFIX Tape 2.5cm x 10m
  • SN71443-01    HYPAFIX Tape 5cm x 10m
  • SN71443-02    HYPAFIX Tape 10cm x 10m
  • SN71443-03    HYPAFIX Tape 15cm x 10m
  • SN71443-04    HYPAFIX Tape 20cm x 10m
  • SN71443-05    HYPAFIX Tape 30cm x 10m

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