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This top quality waterproof, flesh coloured plastic strapping has a very secure adhesive, which is based upon zinc  oxide. It will maintain adhesion even when exposed to hot temperatures, with the plastic exterior surface being resistant to oil, water and grease. Each tape is wound onto a plastic spood and protected by a plastic sleeve.

  • SN72359-02    LEUKOPLAST SLEEK LATEX FREE Tape 2.5cm X 5m
  • SN72359-03    LEUKOPLAST SLEEK Latex FREE Tape 5cm x 5m
  • SN72359-04    LEUKOPLAST SLEEK LATEX FREE  Tape 7.5cm X 5m
  • SN72379-02    LEUKOPLAST SLEEK Tape 2.5cm X 5m
  • SN72379-03    LEUKOPLAST SLEEK Tape 5cm x 5m
  • SN72379-04    LEUKOPLAST SLEEK Tape 7.5cm X 5m

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