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EASIFIX Cohesive bandage is made from latex coated polyester/viscose fabric, which has both elastic and cohesive (self adhesive) properties. The fabric is lightweight and porous with excellent conform-ability, allowing awkward, bony prominence to be dressed, without impairing movement. Ideal for patients will allergies to adhesives, since the latex coating ensures that the bandage sticks only to itself and not to the patient's skin.

  • SN71439-05    EASIFIX COHESIVE Bandage 4cm x 2m
  • SN71439-06    EASIFIX COHESIVE Bandage 6cm x 10m
  • SN71439-07    EASIFIX COHESIVE Bandage 6cm x 2m
  • SN71439-08    EASIFIX COHESIVE Bandage 8cm x 10m
  • SN71439-09    EASIFIX COHESIVE Bandage 10cm x 2m
  • SN71439-10    EASIFIX COHESIVE Bandage 8cm x 2m
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