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Elastic Conforming Gauze Bandage A lightweight conforming bandage that enables the bandage to be applied with ease to body contours. •Useful for covering dressings. •This conforming bandage gently stretches to conform to the contours of the body

  • SN9483    HANDYBAND CONFORMING 2.5cm x 1.5m  Gauze Bandage
  • SN9485    HANDYBAND CONFORMING 5cm x 1.5cm Gauze Bandage
  • SN9488    HANDYBAND CONFORMING 7.5cm x 1.5m Gauze Bandage
  • SN9490    HANDYBAND CONFORMING 10cm x 1.5m Gauze Bandage
  • SN9495    HANDYBAND CONFORMING 15cm x 1.5m Gauze Bandage

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