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Made from top quality, latex-free materials Actimove Manus Forte wrist brace is used for the treatment of acute or chronic pain and irritation in the wrist joint, tendinous synovitis, arthrosis and postoperative or posttraumatic irritation.

The wrist brace ensures strong support and comfortable stabilisation for effective pain relief and advanced recovery. Actimove® Manus Forte leaves the fingers completely unrestrained, enabling the patient to take part in everyday activities.

  • 73482-06    ACTIMOVE MANUS FORTE Left Large/X-Large
  • 73482-04    ACTIMOVE MANUS FORTE Left Small/Medium
  • 73482-05    ACTIMOVE MANUS FORTE Right Large/X-Large
  • 73482-03    ACTIMOVE MANUS FORTE Right Small/Medium

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