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Actimove TaloCast-AirGel is a high quality functional ankle brace with integrated air cells and cooling gel pads for secure stabilisation and support of the upper ankle joint. Due to its anatomically shaped shells, the ankle brace provides comfortable fit and excellent wearing facilities even during sports.

  • 73088-16    TALOCAST AIR ACTIMOVE: Standard Left: Height >162cm
  • 73088-15    TALOCAST AIR ACTIMOVE: Standard Right: Height >162cm
  • 73088-17    TALOCAST AIR ACTIMOVE: Trainer Right: Height <162cm
  • 73088-06    TALOCAST AIRGEL ACTIMOVE: Standard Left: Height >162cm
  • 73088-05    TALOCAST AIRGEL ACTIMOVE: Standard Right: Height >162cm
  • 73088-08    TALOCAST AIRGEL ACTIMOVE: Trainer Left: Height <162cm
  • 73088-07    TALOCAST AIRGEL ACTIMOVE: Trainer Right: Height <162cm

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