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Actimove Vertebrace is an easy to use, lightweight, padded support device for stabilising the neck. Actimove Vertebrace is designed to assist in maintaining stability and range-of-motion restriction of the patient’s head and neck in acute and emergency care. Correctly applied, the collar completely surrounds the neck and provides rigid support for the head, chin and base of the skull. One-piece construction makes for rapid and easy application in either seated or supine position – no assembly is required. From its flattened, stored position, the chin support flips up into place as the collar is adapted to fit the patient. A wide contact closure strap secures the collar quickly and easily. In emergency situations, a large anterior opening allows access to the neck for emergency cricothyrotomy or tracheostomy.

  • 79300    ACTIMOVE VERTEBRACE Extrication Collars Paediatric Short - Height 7cm X Length 44cm
  • 79301    ACTIMOVE VERTEBRACE Extrication Collars Extra Short - Height 7cm X Length 57cm
  • 79302    ACTIMOVE VERTEBRACE Extrication Collars Short - Height 9cm X Length 57cm
  • 79303    ACTIMOVE VERTEBRACE Extrication Collars Regular - Height 12cm X Length 57cm
  • 79304    ACTIMOVE VERTEBRACE Extrication Collars Tall - Height 14cm X Length 57cm
  • 79305    ACTIMOVE VERTEBRACE Extrication Collars Paediatric - Height 9cm X Length 45cm

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