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Designed to relieve lower back pain caused by strain. Helps ligaments and muscles to relax. Adjustable Velcro fasteners for firm fit. Washable. For men and women. L: Large 41.0-46.0 in., 104.1-116.8 cm. This lower back Sacro Brace is carefully designed to provide comfort and fit to support your active life. Futuro offers a wide range of quality products to support your active life. Each product is designed to help you do what you want to do. Designed to provide firm support, comfort and fit. Will not bind while sitting and stooping. Shock absorber pad is designed to stabilize proper degree of pelvic tilt. Firm tension elastic darts help support sacroiliac joint. Size: Measure around your hips just below waistline. Small: 30.0-35.0 in., 76.2-88.9 cm. Medium: 35.0-41.0 in., 88.9-104.1 cm. Large: 41.0-46.0 in., 104.1-116.8 cm. X-Large: 46.0-52.0 in., 116.8-132.1 cm. Made in U.S.A. Usage: This quality Lower Back Sacro Brace helps sufferers from occasional lower back pain resulting from muscle strain in the sacroiliac joint. It helps stabilize the sacroiliac joint with firm, controlled elastic support. Fiber Content: Polyvinyl, Cotton, Rubber. Caution: This product contains natural rubber latex which may cause allergic reaction. If pain increases or persists, discontinue use.

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