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Burnshield Hydrogel Bottle 50ml

Burnshield Hydrogel spray is suitable for the treatment of minor burns, scalds and sunburn and also, for hard to reach areas and for the rehydration of dressings.Suitable for use in the home, industry, retail, fire and the NHS.

When applied to burn wounds, preferably as soon as possible after the burn, Burnshield has the tremendous ability to absorb and dissipate heat, providing relief, minimising shock and skin damage, halting the burn process, and physically protects against further contamination. Burnshield's cooling and soothing effect results from its specially formulated Hydrogel which is non-toxic and non-irritant.

Burnshield facilitates the removal of burnt clothing. Easy to apply, non-adhesive and easy to remove without further trauma to the patient, allowing for quick medical diagnosis. Safe for use on children.

Burnshield can be used as an emergency care for superficial to full thickness burns. Any burn, whether received from open flames, scalding from hot water, steam, gas, chemicals or electrical appliances can be treated immediately with Burnshield.

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