A conformable, absorbent, non-adhesive dressing comprising a perforated, low-adherent outer layer which encloses a core of highly absorbent foam chips. ALLEVYN Cavity dressings have been designed to overcome the problems associated with dressing deep wounds. Their high absorbency results from the ability of the encapsulated foam “chips” to absorb exudate not only by capillary action (as is the case with traditional absorbents), but also by absorption of fluid into the structure of the foam. The result is cost effective management of cavity wounds without the need for frequent dressing changes. Available in various sizes.

  • SN66007326    ALLEVYN CAVITY Wound Dressing - Circular 5cm
  • SN66007327    ALLEVYN CAVITY Wound Dressing - Circular 10cm
  • SN66007328    ALLEVYN CAVITY Wound Dressing - Tubular 9cm x 2.5cm
  • SN66007329    ALLEVYN CAVITY Wound Dressing - Tubular 12cm x 4cm
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