An island dressing, sterile, soft and comfortable, it ensures immediate patient acceptability.  Removal is clean and painless.  The adhesive backing has a non-adherent MELOLIN pad in the centre which does not cause trauma to the underlying wound when removed. Available in various sizes.

  • SN7136               PRIMAPORE 10 x 8cm EACH
  • SN7136/BX       PRIMAPORE 10 x 8cm BX20
  • SN7134               PRIMAPORE 7.5 x 5cm BX50
  • SN7135/EA       PRIMAPORE 8.5 x 6cm EACH
  • SN7135               PRIMAPORE 8.5 x 6cm BX50
  • SN66000318    PRIMAPORE  15cm x 8cm EACH
  • SN66000319    PRIMAPORE  20cm x 10cm EACH
  • SN66000320    PRIMAPORE  25cm x 10cm EACH
  • SN66007140    PRIMAPORE  35cm x 10cm EACH
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