100% cotton, individually cellophane wrapped. Selvedged edges which prevent fraying.

White fully textured cotton crepe bandage, used for the retention of dressings and is ideal for post operative support.

Bandage conforms well to body areas which are awkwardly shaped and allows free joint movement

  • SN36133001    ELASTOLITE Bandage 5cm x 1.5m Unstretched Sterile 1doz
  • SN36133101    ELASTOLITE Bandage 7.5cm x 1.5m Unstretched Sterile 1doz
  • SN36133201    ELASTOLITE Bandage 10cm x 1.5m Unstretched Sterile 1doz
  • SN36133401    ELASTOLITE Bandage 15cm x 1.5m Unstretched Sterile 1doz

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