About Amada Amavic


We are a leading Manufacturer and Wholesaler in the First Aid and Occupational Health industry, providing quality First Aid Kits and Products to our valued customers, with a strong focus on customer service.

Amada-Amavic Pty. Ltd. has been assembling First Aid Kits and manufacturing first Aid products for over 70 years.

We provide complete range of domestic, industrial, automotive, general purpose and promotional First Aid Kits, as well as Pharmaceutical, Safety and Associated First Aid items.

A cross section of current contracts of supply include:  Royal Flying Doctors Australia, ESS Fire and Emergency Services, Qantas, Volkswagon, Delta Electricity, Brookfield Multiplex Construction, Grocon Construction NSW, & thats only naming a few.

Incorporated in NSW, Amada-amavic is proudly 100% Australian owned and remains committed to marketing quality and economical products at competitive prices.

We pride ourselves on being customer focused and strive to continue meeting customer satisfaction by surpassing expectations.

Amada-amavic achieves success and growth through safe work practices, regulations compliance and commitment to our valued customers.

Amada-amavic is registered with the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) and abides by the Code of Good Wholesaling Practice for Therapeutic Goods for Human use (TGA Code of Practice).

Amada-Amavic is licensed to sell or supply by wholesale poisons or controlled substances, scheduled 2,4, 6 and 8 poisons.  Regular inspections are carried out by NSW Ministry of Health to ensure correct procedures are in place for the storage and handling of all scheduled items.